CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for completing your inquiry form, we’re excited to get to know you better! As a thank you we just sent you an email with some helpful videos and resources so you can get to know us better too.

We take our client's time very seriously and use the inquiry form you just completed to prepare ideas, insights, and solutions for your session. This allows us to be very efficient and give you everything you need on our call. For this reason we kindly ask that you honor your appointment time by giving us at least a 48 hour notice for any reschedules. Spots are at a premium and are very hard to fill at the last minute.  

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for your session except get excited and allow us to create something beautiful for you while saving you time and money.  I'm honored your here, ENJOY!

 - Maegan Watson, Founder  


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We feel truly special to have space on your calendar.  We are committed to honoring your time and ours. Note that time slots are at a premium and are often booked days or weeks in advance. If you reschedule, you are essentially taking two-time slots. If you cancel, that spot is often not fillable at the last minute.

As a result, we kindly ask you to show up for you session, on time, and ready to have fun- we guarantee your session will be special and custom to you.

Thank you SO much for honoring our appointment and helping create an incredible experience for everyone who comes through our virtual doors.