who we are

Watson Style Group is an online wardrobe building service for people who want a closet full of good-to-go outfits for an on-the-go life.

Exactly what you get


  • A custom built wardrobe delivered to your doorstep
  • Styled outfits you can view from any smart device
  • 1-on-1 wardrobe support, via video chat, phone, & email
  • A beautiful wardrobe that makes you feel the way you want and love the way you look
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How it works

  • Book your 1-on-1 Wardrobe workshop and begin the self-discovery process with our intake forms.
  • You do some closet homework while we shop for your new wardrobe. By this time next month you'll be dressing brilliantly.
  • Ding Dong! Deliveries! Your wardrobe magically arrives on your doorstep.
  • Once we know your keepers, you'll have your own webpage of outfits that can be viewed on any smart phone, tablet, or computer so you never have to think about what to wear again.

BENEFITS of watson style group 

You'll get dressed in minutes, be on time and have more energy for the things you love.  

You'll save money. Eliminate buying stuff that crams your closet and still leaves you feeling like you have nothing to wear.

We shop anywhere and everywhere to create your specific style. 

Never stress about what to wear again with a digital lookbook of your outfits viewable on any smart device. 


Your wardrobe gets delivered, and returns picked up, right from your doorstep. 

This isn't one size fits all. You'll have your own personal stylist and she kindly & lovingly creates your dream wardrobe.


They’re a DREAM to work with, they makes sure they understands you and your life and then produce clothes that magically transforms not just your closet but your life.
This program was literally life-changing. I went from endless staring at the clothes in my closet, crying when nothing fit right, and being late to every social engagement we had to getting dressed quickly in clothes I love.
Whether you are a busy stay-at-home mom like me, or president of your company..this service will bring an ease to your life and leave you the time to purse the things you really love.

Whether you need "a little bit of help" or "the whole shebang"

we've got you covered